Saturday, April 25, 2009

Great Maine Bike Swap

I'm doing the finishing touches on all the bikes that I'm bringing to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine's Great Maine Bike Swap at USM Portland Gym.  I'm very excited to meet up with old friends, make some new ones, and show off the Cargo bike for the first time.  I'm very curious about how the cycling public in Maine will react to it.  The only person to see it thus far was our neighbor.  She came out of her house with her young son with no shoes or coat on just to stop me as I rode by with my boys in the bike.  She really liked it a lot.  I'm guessing other people will too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Xtracycle and Cargo Bike

It was finally sunny and warm enough to get out and take pictures.  It was interesting to see that the Xtracycle was almost exactly as long as the Cargo bike.  They are both much more capable then a "normal" bike and each one has the ability to carry all of the "stuff" we tend to have when we move about in a car.  The Xtracycle rides like a regular bike and carries the cargo behind the rider.  The Cargo bike obviously carries the cargo up front.  This changes the design of the bike, but interestingly enough, it still handles and rides much like a regular bike.  After a few minutes of riding, I felt absolutely comfortable with it.  Having owned the Xtracycle for a while now, I'm used to riding it and using it for errands and utility tasks.  It may be the most fun bike I have ever owned and ridden (and I've owned a lot of bikes).  The longer wheelbase and relaxed riding position make it extremely stable and balanced.  The rider has the sensation of sitting "in" the bike rather then "on" the bike.  It is a bike that has continued to surprise me on a regular basis.  

The demo bike is built.

The build up went well, and the bike rides great.  It's amazing that it is so easy to carry so much weight around.  Having cargo in the box actually seems to improve the ride.  Either way the ride is very comfortable.  It's refreshing to ride in such an upright riding position.  No hunching over the handlebars and straining your neck to look down the road.  The bike passed the most important test:  Both my kids love it and my wife also enjoys pedaling it with the kids.  As this one is for shop use, I'll be experimenting with different gearing options and other modifications to test ideas and products out.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cargo Bikes have arrived.

The bikes are here.  I'm building up the shop/demo bike tonight.  Pictures and words will follow.