Friday, November 7, 2014

Summertime Fatbike fun

My little Grom and I were ripping it up on the beach.  Snow, sand, fun all the time.  He has a 20''x4'' wheeled fat bike.  I'm waiting for knobby tires to be released soon or I might just make my own.

Customer's Gravel Grinder.

I finished this build during the spring for a customer who rides all over Southern Maine.  It has already seen lots of gravel and dirt and is working great.  Reynolds 531 frame powdercoated in a matte green.  Alfine 8speed drivetrain and the nicest tires I have ever laid hands on.  Challenge Almanzo tires in a super-supple 260tpi casing.  They ride like silk over uneven terrain and are fast.  It was a fun build and is being enjoyed and getting dirty.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Two more makes 5 Surly bikes

Way too long between posts but I've been busy.  These two troublemakers have been keeping me busy and smiling:

2014 Krampus, American Classic rear hub, Chub carbon front Hub.  Rabbit Hole 50mm rims, 29x3.0'' Knards in 120tpi.  It rides like a dream at 12psi.  Rolls over everything at speed.  It's my new all around trail bike.

And this 2013 Pug Ops that I built from a frame set.  80mm rims, painted Puce.  1x8speed ghetto drivetrain and only a rear brake.  Works just fine in the snow and is all around fun everywhere.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting Surly again

Well I've gone and done it again.  I managed to acquire two more Surly framesets to go with my original 1x1 singlespeed.  If I hadn't sold my Cross Check I'd be up to Surly #4 but for now I'll settle with having 3.  The Steamroller and the Pacer are both 56cm.  The CC that I sold was a 58cm that I took a shot at trying and discovered that I much prefer a 56cm bike.  Being an 5'11'' puts me in between  sizes depending on which fit method I use.  The best method I've found is miles on the bikes.  Nothing dials in a bike fit then trying out stuff while riding.  So the Steamroller is just built in a "get it rolling" basic build...nothing permanant.  The Pacer is built up to be my commuter with full fenders and down tube shifters.  The DT shifters are proving to be perfect for messy weather because you can shift with winter gloves, there is hardly any housing to get gunked up and I can try different handlebar setups with only a quick brake re-cabling.  I love my Surly bikes.  I can use all of my spare parts and build them into different bikes all day long.  Now if I can only get my hands on a Krampus and it's wheelset...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rebirth of an old wheel

I just love wearing out parts and then replacing and/or rebuilding them to be as good or better then new.  My beloved Surly 1x1 had an aging wheelset that was LONG past due for rim replacement.  The rear rim had worn so thin that it was cracking and splitting along the center of the braking surface.  I simply cannot explain how it lasted so long under the use and abuse it's been subjected to.  Since the wheels have matching 1x1 hubs which also match the frame, it makes sense to rebuild the wheel rather then replace it.  I cut the hub out of the old rim and rebuilt it with new spokes and nipples and a new old stock (NOS) Syncros Big Box rim.  It looks period correct, rides great and is stout!  Just the ticket.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Racing again...

I decided I was convinced that I ought to join my friends and participate in the 6th annual 12 Hours of Bradbury MTB race.  It only took me a moment to do the arithmetic to realize that it would be far less riding then the last time I raced at Bradbury.  Last time it was 36 miles of solo, singlespeed pain.  With 3 other teammates I'll only have to do three 6.9 mile laps.  It will still be on a singlespeed,  and yes, I was voted to be the one who does the 12 O'clock Costume lap, but I'm sure it will be less suffering and equal amounts of fun.

I guess I should put some air in my "race" bikes' tires.  I also have to find my Where's Waldo costume...

These pictures are from a while ago and are actually from the Kingdom Trails in VT, not Bradbury.  The bike has changed a bit since then, but it's similar to how I'll be riding it at Bradbury.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Getting greener at home

Yes, it's not bike related, but I thought I'd give a big shout-out to Horizon Energy Services for their help in making our house over 50% more airtight then it used to be.  It is now a very well insulated home and we are very excited about heating with wood instead of oil this winter.  We were able to turn off our boiler and it will stay off for quite some time (hopefully forever!).  Thanks for the great work Horizon and your staff were super cool too.  They are good mountain bikers as well.  I couldn't help adding that in.