Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday in the family.

Pugsley's sister from the Addams Family has arrived.  It should be a bundle of fun since it can be run 26fat, 27.5+ and 29+.  The plan is to have a Bluto for the summer, rigid fork for the winter, and bags for potential bike packing whenever I get a chance to go.
It was a crazy roundabout way to build it up but I managed to buy two other fat bikes to strip, split apart and build into the Wednesday.  I've been to Kingdom Trails and it's almost as fast as the Krampus while being much less punishing.

Krampus went to Italy.

My Krampus went to Italy a full season before my daily took a vacation there.  The backstory: After riding the NEMBAfest in 2015 I came to the conclusion that I was not getting any younger.  I can still ride fast and have fun hopping over technical terrain, but I'm much more sore the next day.  I figured that after riding single speed for over 16 years it was time to add gears...and a front shock.

Coincidentally, Surly dropped the bomb that they were releasing a fat bike that had Krampus styled geometry that was narrower then the ICT.  Enter the Wednesday.  Since I had a Pugsley I felt that he should have a bike sister.  I began plotting the funds to snag a Wednesday frame set.  The major source of the funds came from Krampus.  I could run 29+ on Wednesday so Krampus had to go.  A buyer from Italy contacted me and we worked out a deal and off Krampus went!

Farewell Krampus! A wonderful time was had while it lasted, and I'll never forget the shine of the Moonlit Swamp color.

2 year gap-bicycle musical chairs!

It's been two years since I took a peek at this blog.  Lots of bikes have come and gone in the meantime.  I guess I should devote individual posts to some of the more noteworthy ones.  If I had to sum up the direction my cycling has taken I'd say that 90% of it is now related to fatter tires.  Fat tires on Fatbikes, fatter tires on "Plus" bikes, fatter tires on "old" 26'' bikes and kids bikes.  Heck, I've even moved to fat tires on my "road" bikes-more of an "all road" bike that is trendy now.  I've been running 32c on 700's for years, but now I'm also trying out 650b in 42c and 26'' in 2.3'' slicks.  It's been an adventure and lots of fun.  I can easily say that large volume supple tires are here to stay and will change cycling for the better.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Summertime Fatbike fun

My little Grom and I were ripping it up on the beach.  Snow, sand, fun all the time.  He has a 20''x4'' wheeled fat bike.  I'm waiting for knobby tires to be released soon or I might just make my own.

Customer's Gravel Grinder.

I finished this build during the spring for a customer who rides all over Southern Maine.  It has already seen lots of gravel and dirt and is working great.  Reynolds 531 frame powdercoated in a matte green.  Alfine 8speed drivetrain and the nicest tires I have ever laid hands on.  Challenge Almanzo tires in a super-supple 260tpi casing.  They ride like silk over uneven terrain and are fast.  It was a fun build and is being enjoyed and getting dirty.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Two more makes 5 Surly bikes

Way too long between posts but I've been busy.  These two troublemakers have been keeping me busy and smiling:

2014 Krampus, American Classic rear hub, Chub carbon front Hub.  Rabbit Hole 50mm rims, 29x3.0'' Knards in 120tpi.  It rides like a dream at 12psi.  Rolls over everything at speed.  It's my new all around trail bike.

And this 2013 Pug Ops that I built from a frame set.  80mm rims, painted Puce.  1x8speed ghetto drivetrain and only a rear brake.  Works just fine in the snow and is all around fun everywhere.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting Surly again

Well I've gone and done it again.  I managed to acquire two more Surly framesets to go with my original 1x1 singlespeed.  If I hadn't sold my Cross Check I'd be up to Surly #4 but for now I'll settle with having 3.  The Steamroller and the Pacer are both 56cm.  The CC that I sold was a 58cm that I took a shot at trying and discovered that I much prefer a 56cm bike.  Being an 5'11'' puts me in between  sizes depending on which fit method I use.  The best method I've found is miles on the bikes.  Nothing dials in a bike fit then trying out stuff while riding.  So the Steamroller is just built in a "get it rolling" basic build...nothing permanant.  The Pacer is built up to be my commuter with full fenders and down tube shifters.  The DT shifters are proving to be perfect for messy weather because you can shift with winter gloves, there is hardly any housing to get gunked up and I can try different handlebar setups with only a quick brake re-cabling.  I love my Surly bikes.  I can use all of my spare parts and build them into different bikes all day long.  Now if I can only get my hands on a Krampus and it's wheelset...