Thursday, July 16, 2009

The demo cargo bike gets a new drivetrain

I decided to try and expand the gearing on the shop demo bike to see how it rides with a lower and wider gear range. The Sturmey Archer XRD-C will give me the chance to run a low 11-34t 9spd cassette while retaining the wonderful drum brake that works so well on this bike. I have a good feeling that this gearing will really open up the bike's range and will make it more fun to ride back up those hills after going on an ice cream run with the boys. Check out the size of that flange! The cassette is pretty massive as well although not very heavy :)

Vice is Nice

Christmas in July? More tools arrived for the shop today. I'm picking up the odds and ends of tools that I needed/wanted. I was in desperate need of a better vice though, and now it has arrived. This one will be handed down to the grandkids for sure. Seems like bike people prefer a Wilton over other vices based on what I've seen in people's shops. Having used one in the past, I had no regrets ordering this item aside from the price...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maine Bike Rally

Many thanks to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine for helping to put on the Maine Bike Rally event in Fryeburg. I had the pleasure of spending a sunny afternoon with like minded cyclists and shared a tent with Chris Gardiner of Frank Bikes fame. Check out his nice custom bikes at: He was even generous enough to donate a frame to the BCM raffle! It was nice to meet and talk with people who were interested in using their bicycles for transportation purposes, including an Xtracycle rider who had his bike set up with a 400watt Ezee hub motor kit. It was a blast to ride, and really helped to firm up my decision about purchasing a motor assist kit for my own personal Xtracycle.