Monday, August 10, 2009

The torch is idle and lonely

I've been busy with other repairs and tasks the past two weeks and my torch is feeling neglected. I may have to fabricate a reason to build something soon :)

Cargo bike or play gym?

So the cargo bike was rolled out of the shop for a moment and instantly became a play gym in the driveway. Good thing I keep a camera nearby, because it's not everyday that my boys take my wife for a ride on the bike. These things are built STRONG.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Before and after Xtracycle pics

I recently converted this Raleigh M50 into a sweet Xtracycle sport utility bike. The Kickback stand and stoker handlebar setup were especially nice additions that really increase the capability of an already amazingly useful cargo bike. A nice feature of the Kickback stand is that you have the ability to repair the bike without the need for a repair stand. The Kickback holds the rear wheel off the ground and you can adjust the shifting, brake, etc... Those Xtracycle folks really have thought of everything!