Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vintage bike show in MA

I recently attended a vintage bike show & swap meet in Dudly MA. There were some very nice examples of vintage bikes, but of course, my favorite of the show was the 50's style custom chopper with the dragster rear wheel. I'd make one myself if I could justify the time and money to build a cool bike I'd rarely ride. People appreciated the cargo bike I brought, but it was the wrong venue to sell one at. I guess I should have brought my 1984 GT Pro Performer BMX from my garage instead...

Decorative Lugs

Set up the tree this weekend with the kids and hung my favorite ornament: A Henry James lug that I bought from Rivendell a few years ago. They hang quite nicely on the tree, and make decent napkin holders as well. This one will NOT be getting hours of filing and polishing to make it shine.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Full moon and safety glow

Playing around with the camera and lights reflecting off a neon riding jacket. Riding under a full moon (on a deserted side road) is something everyone should experience.
Man I wish I had bought more of the old Schwinn bass boat glitter seats. How was I to know that it would become my favorite seat?