Monday, May 18, 2009

Sold bike photos

I sold a matching pair of Schwinn Collegiate bikes.  A his-and-hers pair.  With brand new tires and a full tune up they were in perfect condition.  I buffed the chrome with some #oo steel wool and they were looking better then new.  They were rust free bikes from Texas, ready for another 25+ years of urban riding.  The other city bike I gave away for a paltry $25.00 simply because I like to see people using their alternative transportation on a regular basis.  

Bike Swap fun!

It was a pleasure to meet like minded cyclists as well as old friends at the BCM bike swap.  The opening sales rush from 10am-11am was very intense!  If you did not get there early then you most likely missed out on a great deal.  Thanks to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine for putting on another great bicycle swap.  I heard there were almost 2000 people there and they made a lot of money for their bicycle advocacy efforts.  As for me, I had considerable interest in the cargo bike and handed out many business cards to excited cyclists.  
Judging by the prices people were asking for the bikes they were selling, I guess I was not pricing my bike high enough for the market.  My friend and I sold 2 bikes before they even got into the door of the swap.  I guess great bikes at great prices sell fast!